Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to find your stolen/lost iPhone

One of my latest new features on my Iphone 3G is a tracking tool that allows you to find your phone, whenever, where ever. Finding your stolen phone? Would you like to allow to friends to see your GPS location live?

Navizon is one of the applications for iPhone that allows users users to track an iPhone GPS location by sending a sms text message to the cell phone with one of your own chosen keywords. The phone will instantly send back a message with the GPS location. Another option is to track your phone online, using its GPS location determined by Wi-Fi access points and Cellular towers: "Navizon is a software-only wireless positioning system that triangulates signals broadcasted from Wi-Fi access points and Cellular towers to help the users find their way in most major metropolitan areas worldwide." A funny feature is that you can track your friends on your phone if they have the app installed as well. Your friends actual locations will become visible in Google Maps. This video shows how Navizon works.

Another app to allow users to track back their (stolen) iPhone is FindmyI. For a small monthly fee, users may find their phone's exact location online. Cheaper than an insurance and very user friendly!

Both apps are available in Cydia.

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  1. These folks can help you track your lost or stolen Iphone if you still have IMEI: or